Tell Me If You Find It
July 8, 2017 - August 13, 2017


In this two-person exhibition opening July 8th, 2017, artists Dave Laro and John Joseph Hanright repurpose vintage ephemera and found objects to create pop-inspired works in varied media. Combining elements of collage, text, and oil painting, John Joseph Hanright mines vintage publications, advertisements, comics and Pop Art iconography to create densely layered assemblages, both in terms of content and imagery. Dave Laro’s sculptural “pop constructions” give forgotten relics, thoughtfully plucked from flea markets and neglected attic corners, a second chance. Graphic patterns, bold colors, and clever compositions carry an immediate visual impact that lures viewers into the artists’ work, but the elements of nostalgia and curious storytelling persuade them to linger. Read more about the exhibition on the blog by clicking here.