Claire Kelly & Justin Hoekstra
August 9, 2019 - October 13, 2019

A dual show featuring new works from glass sculptor Claire Kelly and and the abstract works of Justin Hoekstra

Exhibited in our main gallery

Claire Kelly’s engaging and cheerful glass sculptures give the viewer a gentle mirror with which to examine our contradictory world.  Using the integration of traditional Venetian glass blowing and cold working techniques, she creates colorful figures and forms from glass.  Her miniature landscapes  populated with animals are evocative of childhood toys and stories. Though whimsical and colorful, these sculptures draw attention to the perilous and fragile existence many of these animals face, gazing off into an unknown future.

Justin Hoekstra’s abstract acrylic paintings achieve their intensely vibrating, almost luminous surface from application of many layers of pigments and the removal of these layers by abrading the surface with an orbital sander.

“This process is for me like that which shapes each of us in life as accumulated experience combines with pressure and time to reveal the truth of who we are.” –Justin Hoekstra