Of Land and Light
June 1, 2019 - August 3, 2019

Highlighted works by Jim Westphalen in our new Parkside Gallery

In it’s simplest form and by definition, Photography means “writing with
light”. But it is the nature and interpretation of that light falling upon the
elements within a photograph that gives depth, shape and form and elicits
a response from the viewer.
One can visit the same scene many times over and rarely feel the same
emotion. Why is this? It is because as the light changes with each hour,
day and season, the narrative of the landscape, and thus our response to
it, changes as well. The images within this body of work were very
deliberately planned and created with a particular type of light in mind, thus
telling a very particular story within each image. Pools of light that roll with
the clouds across spring green landscapes, contour the land and make the
eye travel through fields and over hills. Raking light with deep shadows
skims across the peeling clapboard of a barn, giving tactile texture to the
time-warn wood that one can almost feel. Diffused light refracting through
microscopic water droplets of fog creates allure and mystery. The drama of
thunderheads building with an approaching storm puts us in a state of awe
and makes us feel vulnerable.
Inspired by such painters as Andrew Wyeth, A. Hale Johnson and Edward
Hopper, I strive as an artist to create imagery in which weather, light and
composition come together to evoke a very real sense of “being there.” I
invite you, the viewer to let these images transport you to a place of
escape, if only for a moment, renewing in you an appreciation for this
beautiful land that we call Vermont.