October 9, 2018 - November 20, 2018

New Abstract Works by Krista Harris

When I first began flirting with abstraction I realized I was actually seeing and thinking abstractly. Things became less fixed...they were moving in and out of focus, somewhere between fast forward and slow motion.

I became fascinated with capturing the sounds, smells and visual imagery constantly swirling around me. I wanted to push the pause button just before the motion became static and fixed in my brain. It seemed that once I’d recognized and labeled something it lost its mystery and that sublime sense of beauty. That is the moment I want to capture and to share through my art.

Every painting has moments of excitement, possibility and elusive potential, and the same work has moments of despair and desperation. Paintings are born through a combination of struggle, careful construction, and the murky space in- between. It is a collaboration of seeing and believing; a dance of thinking and not thinking. Paintings are lost and found as light or seasons, scenery or emotions change. It is a journey, a journal, a leap of faith that I am fortunate to be exploring.