• Jim Westphalen

  • Moore Blanchard Farmstead 1 , 2017

  • Photographic Pigment Print
  • 40.00 " x 56.00 "
  • Framed:  41.00 " x 57.00 "
  • Plymouth Notch, VT | Built circa 1790/1830 and 1940

    Located on the property of the President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site, this homestead dates back to the late 1700s where 7 continuous generations of Moores and Blanchards farmed the land. The original farmhouse, which was one of the first houses built in Plymouth Notch (built in 1792 by Ephraim Moore) burned to the ground in 1965, but the barns were saved. Of the 3 structures pictured, the largest post and beam barn (left) was built in the 1790s, the middle structure was built in the 1830s and the smaller cow shed (right) was erected in the 1940s.

    Limited Edition: 1 of 20
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