Much of my work is commissioned directly, and is developed in response to, and in collaboration with the purpose and vision of the client. I enjoy the process of designing and co-creating with architects, landscape designers and the individual client, from initial concept and modeling, through carving and installation.

My work begins with the study of life models. Then the enjoyable process of drawing, modeling, mold making, material selection, sculpting and site work ensues.

I find it difficult to convey what this work means to me. For reasons I don't understand, I have always needed to make things. If it s not carving, it's building a house, a sturdy stone wall, furniture or a random structure. It's always been important for me to be creating something. And, the more challenging the better. It may not be true in all art circles, but to my eye, for something to have artistic value, it also has be difficult to create.

Some of my pieces are created with the intention of a specific theme or emotion, I resist the urge to explain my work or any individual piece with metaphor. Proclaiming the piece reflects some universal truth or speaks to the human condition is not my style and, I feel the nature and genuineness of my work doesn't call for it. If I subjectively defined the "inner meaning" of a piece for the viewer, it wouldn’t benefit the work. I prefer for the work to stand on its own.

Having said that, I hope my carvings convey a gentle grace and simple beauty. I hope that with the careful choice of pose, gesture and attitude comes through. If a viewer is drawn to a piece and it causes a response, if it evokes either a mood or feeling, or simply touches something within, then the work fulfills my intention.