A sculpture should draw the viewer into a state of sensation, a place of suspended disbelief, a mood of pensive contemplation and imagination. It should stimulate an exchange of disparate passions and ideas between the viewer, the sculpture, the environment and other individuals, regardless of ability or experience. A sculpture should reveal to us that it has soul, identity, meaning and purpose, just as we look for the same in ourselves and seek it in others. It should be inspiring, welcoming and awake with its own life and consciousness; it should never let you down. The sculpture s form and spirit belong to none but itself, yet remain forever open and alluring. In short, it must be hospitable and presumptuous at the same time, imposing but tranquil, audacious yet humble.

A sculpture has a life of its own which should stand the test of time. It does this through its material, aesthetic strength and heart; a language of universality and autonomy. Though scale, material and location of a sculpture may be determined for it's given placement, be it public or private, my desire is to create works which thrive with spirit and intent in their environment, but are not dependent on it. The sculpture, monumental or minute, should be able to flourish and live anywhere. This is its purpose, to supersede and bridge our world with the mysterious and eternal.