"Sculpture is a journey for me toward an ever-expanding horizon. New mediums and techniques open doors to greater possibilities. This is where I like to be as an artist, at the edge of what I know. By taking a raw idea and directing my energy toward it, a sculpture emerges. The result is a record of the process that created it. I work in bronze, steel, wood, and stone, the common thread being a process of discovery and my respect for the forms that emerge. This creative process has become more important than the final artwork for me. It is when my world is focused down to what is right in front of me. These times of complete immersion in the work are why I create art. It is a constant act of deciding what looks right to my eye and if it is not, then how to make it so.

The chimeras are wooden portraits of the unseen beasts that roam at the edges of our forests; part animal, part human. They stand confidently, proud of their life on the fringe. My admiration of classical sculpture and its expressions of drapery and pose contribute to this series. I wanted to channel these elements in a way that felt more humorous. My intent was to create sculptures that can make you laugh without sacrificing the high level of artistry and craftsmanship that I strive for."

With a background as the owner of a prolific metal foundry in Arizona, Joseph now lives and works in Grafton, Vermont with his family.