In the tradition of Alexander Calder and George Rickey, Jeffery Laudenslager makes titanium kinetic sculptures where circles and arcs dance with each other. Elements are designed precisely to move past each other, creating tension as the pieces nearly collide. The resulting sculptures are equally elegant and exciting. Jeffery Laudenslager's first kinetic sculpture was commissioned by American Airlines in 1988 for the AdmiralĂ­s Club at Los Angeles International Airport. He did not make his second kinetic sculpture until 1996. Since then, Laudenslager has had solo exhibitions in Arizona, California, and Switzerland and has participated in two-person, invitational and group shows throughout California, in Atlanta, and in New York City. In 1999, Archimage, a 34-foot kinetic sculpture commissioned for the Torrey Reserve complex in Del Mar, California, won the coveted Orchid Award in the Fine Arts Category. The San Diego Architecture Foundation awards the Orchid to promote outstanding architecture, planning and urban design in the San Diego region. Laudenslager's work is found in public and corporate collections in the USA and in private collections in the USA, England, Switzerland, Germany, Taiwan, and South Korea. Jeffery Laudenslager lives and works in San Diego.