I was born in 1961 in Poughkeepsie, New York. I went on to Clemson University to study architecture, which then took me to Hamden, CT to work for Kevin Roche. It was there that I took a night class from blacksmith artist, John Pompea, that lit my enthusiasm for making “what comes to mind.” For 25 years now, I have been doing just that- to see with the mind’s eye that which is there before thought and bring it into view, into “this” world.

All ideas, all inspiration have this common ground, a certain wholeness to themselves, It is this wholeness that brings presence to a work of art. It is the quiet presence of a work that makes it relative to the viewer, because that same quiet presence, that same peace, is at the core of each one of us. Through the work I hope to give you a peaceful, yet exciting glimpse of your true nature. No matter what form the sculpture takes, no matter what form life takes, one can “see” right through it to the peace that is present in all things. The little bird perched in my work is a recognition of this, for a bird will only alight where peace reigns. My hope is that you will recognize your own peace by realizing that which you see and sense is one and the same with your true self.